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Winter Warmer from Fine Bedding Company

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You know how at times like these, people suddenly become obsessed with the idea of ​​”snuggling up” under the covers on the couch? Get ready my friends, for I have the mother of all blankets for you to snuggle under…

keep warm in this winterOK, no technically blanket. This, my friends, is a no-cover blanket, and when I said earlier this year that its existence had changed my life, I really wasn’t exaggerating. Since writing that post, I’ve acquired 3 of these magical blankets: a beautiful storm gray herringbone blanket for our bed, a second single blanket for Max, and the twilight pink blanket above, which I bought purely for “snuggling on the couch.” ” aim.

(I know, who the hell am I? I barely even recognize myself. Next I’m going to use the word “comfortable”…)

Of course, technically you can use ANY duvet as a blanket, but since we have a super king bed, and I don’t like having to drag a giant blanket up and down our 3rd floor bedroom every time I want to watch TV, I get it in double, which is perfect. The beauty of this duvet is that it’s so light, yet super warm: this one is 10.5 tog, which I think is way warmer than any blanket I’ve ever owned, and it’s also big enough for you. You also don’t have to constantly adjust it.

Like many people, we are trying our best to keep the heating as low as possible this winter, due to the cost of living crisis, and my pink blanket friend here really helped make our nights a little less miserable as a result of that. As for the other blanket, meanwhile, I still love it…

gray blanket without coverThis gray version is the newest addition to my collection, and, as I first wrote, I love it. For me, the main appeal of a no-cover blanket is the fact that you don’t have to bother trying to tuck it back inside the blanket every time you change the sheets. It’s one of those life skills that I sadly never managed to acquire, and because I am one too absolute freak who insists iron everything, including the bed, changing the sheets used to be a tortuous all-day affair for me, which I would complain bitterly to anyone who would listen. (So, nothing, then…)

Well, nothing more, folks. This duvet doesn’t require ironing: after almost a year of using it, I can confirm that it comes out of the washing machine looking exactly the same as it came in, which is a huge time saver for me. Yes, they take longer to dry than traditional sheets (They do can dried, but I always put them on the washing line if they dry enough, or on top of the radiator if not), but since we have two to swap it’s no big deal, and they’re usually dry within a few hours.

gray and pink duvet coverless on the bed

(Also pictured: my extra-long hot water bottle, which is another thing that the current cold can even vaguely…)

When I wrote my first post about this, I had a few questions about washing it… Like I said, we have a super-king bed, but I used a king-size duvet on it (actually I always do this: when we first got our bed, we bought a king-sized duvet by accident, and didn’t realize it… it fits the bed, just with less fabric hanging down the sides, and since there tend to be more bed options in that size, we continue to use it.) , and it only fits our washing machine.

To be fair, our machine is an integrated washer/dryer, so it has a fairly small drum size; I thought the super-king version would be too big for it, but this one fits, and if you have a machine bigger than ours you shouldn’t have any problems at all. I just replaced Max’s bed today and the single duvet fits our machine with room to spare, so it’s perfect for a kid’s room. I also found that, since there was no cover for the blanket to slide in (Tell me please I’m not the only one who always seems to end up sleeping under the cover, with the blanket itself all bunched up in one of those corners?), they also likely to be much warmer – and, given the temperature here it’s currently -3°C and will drop to -7° overnight, it’s very, very accepted now, let me tell you.

Night Owl seamless blanket

Anyone else use this blanket? What do you think about them?

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