Weekend Reading 3.12.23 | Centsational Style

This week I painted all the walls in my little art studio that I’ve rented for a year. It’s in a giant converted warehouse along with eight other artists and filled with natural light and creative people. I am very happy to be able to organize there as a place to work during the day. When the space is up and running in about a month, it will be open to the public, I’ll be sharing pictures of everything.

On a whim I booked a whirlwind trip to… somewhere in Europe I’d never been to. I’ll share the details when I arrive in two weeks. I’ve had great luck with affordable nonstop flights and I’m excited to spend a week in a brand new place. I will surprise you with the location but it is a destination I have wanted to visit for years and it finally happened. Hooray!

Favorite link from this week:

This Arizona home is a mix of modern and French style.

This Toronto home dresses very nicely in black and white.

This Jane Austen-inspired girls’ bedroom is simply gorgeous.

Vintage furniture design trends for 2023.

A new design trend called “white chocolate minimalism”.

This Charleston home is filled with pretty patterns and lots of blue and white.

Intelligent! Homemade hood “sarongs” give the kitchen a fresh look.

One conversation skill to adopt to make you a better listener.

My favorite five-star travel sneakers are on sale in three colors now, I have several pairs.

Funny! An open letter for March.

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