Weekend Reading 2.5.23 | Centsational Style

Yesterday I cleaned out my wardrobe and took out more than half of its contents. It was a project I had been putting off for about two years. I got rid of anything that was worn out, worn out, didn’t fit, or didn’t “spark the joy” as the standard by which we understood it when deciding whether to relinquish or retain possessions. Stepping back after a full day of elimination feels great. I have no intention of filling in the empty space left behind, I’ll just enjoy it for a bit.

Today I spent a few hours in clay class and it always makes me happy to be in the studio while I learn this new craft. It was a calming feeling to hear the soft rustle of a spinning wheel as I learned how to turn lumps of clay into beautiful vessels. I’m in a place now where I can focus and open and pull with more confidence. I’m still very much an amateur, but loving the process.

Favorite link from this week:

Such beautiful earthy green tones in this butler’s kitchen.

A beautiful kitchen with another beautiful butler’s pantry.

This Victorian style bungalow, each room is covered with works of art.

My goodness, this is the most beautiful Parisian setting for a wedding.

Habits seen in very happy people, I’m all about #3.

Top 100 US restaurants for 2023 according to Yelp.

I love to see talented actors join this group.

How beautiful: the French know how to celebrate February 2nd.

Have you heard of the brunette recession? This is a thing in today’s economy.

A dream destination: this beautifully photographed vacation in Morocco.

The link between our gut health and depression.

Things that people who like to spend time alone understand.

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