Weekend Reading 2.19.23 | Centsational Style

Today we tuned my Vespa and I had to try it! I haven’t driven it in two years, been sitting in the garage needing a new battery, but as the sun came up I thought how nice it would be to take it out again, and it did! I used to really enjoy driving it back and forth to the market or around our small town, but I stopped doing that during the pandemic. It’s the season to bring it out again!

I’m remodeling our downstairs study (and what used to be the children’s playroom) this month. I made it into a more grown-up space, adding glass doors to a wall of cabinets and turning it into a plant-filled library. Look for the new space coming next month.

Favorite link from this week:

Beautiful cabinet colors and wallpaper in this colonial renovation.

This beautiful Gold Coast home is no longer stuck in the 1980s.

The process of making these attractive tiles with fun patterns.

Reject five beliefs about holding on to things to help you let go of things.

What does the brain of a risk taker look like compared to those who are risk averse.

This inexpensive storage solution is my new best friend for my beanies and baseball caps.

The best seeds for your bird feeder.

The best way to prevent guacamole from turning brown.

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