Weekend Reading 1.22.23 | Centsational Style

We finally got a break from the storms this week, so I did some small hikes and drove to the beach to watch the sunset. I share on Instagram that I love the soft turquoise waters and white sands of Florida’s gulf coast, the rugged California cliffs will always be special to me. There’s a place that I always tell people about when they visit where you can stand on a cliff and have a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and watch the waves roll in.

Today I am back in a ceramics class with ten students and it always makes me very happy to be among fellow amateurs learning this new craft. The soothing feeling of listening to the soft rustle of a spinning wheel as we all learn how to shape clay together, what a lovely way to spend a Sunday.

Favorite link from this week:

Check out the beautiful mix of organic textures in this Memphis home.

A beautiful mix of wood colors in this transitional home.

Dark green bathroom with unexpected details.

Great idea to give a statue a bronze academician look.

Plaster chandeliers are trending, I was inspired to try a DIY version.

This artist’s tonal mixed media abstract paintings are a new favorite.

Also found this sculptural ceramic, extraordinary shape.

The serene depths of everyday awe.

The rat race of the big reveal.

Our critical need for novelty.

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