Ways To Make Money From Home Suggestions

Whether you’re looking to earn some extra cash for your summer family vacation or add to your rainy day fund, there are plenty how to make money from home.

If you look around any room in your home, you will see lots of items that you no longer use. All of these can be used by others who are willing to pay for them. Or if you enjoy writing/website design, turn your hobby into a money-making business!

These are just simple suggestions, but let’s look at some more ideas for how you can earn extra money

Easy Ways to Make Money At Your Own Home

woman blogging with laptop on table, notebook and cup of coffee

Start a blog

The setup you see in the image above is a typical blogger setup! A phone next to a laptop, with a notebook and pen to take notes and very strong coffee. Coffee is always needed when you blog, so you may want to invest in a good coffee machine!

While blogging may be considered a hobby by most people, you can actually earn money blogging.

There’s really so much more to blogging than just writing words on a blank screen. This in theory takes up about 20% of a blogger’s time.

The behind the scenes work never ends and there is always something to fix, change or maintain. A good cell phone/camera for taking pictures is essential to life as a blogger.

In the short term, you’re more likely to spend money blogging before you start making money at it. However, the initial outlay is worth it if you see this as a long-term contribution to your finances.

Find out how to take your blogging to the next level in this post, allowing you to make money from home!

woman making money from home on her laptop sitting on the couch

Take Part In Online Surveys

If you have free time and a computer, then money can be easily earned completing online surveys.

Companies pay for feedback on their product suite and you can even get a peek at product ideas for the future, with your input being more important than ever.

Taking online surveys may not guarantee enough return for a break to a sunnier climate in the short term, but every penny does add up! It can be difficult and tedious, but companies will pay for your opinion!

It’s a good idea to take some time to research the available paid survey sites and sign up for the one you think might be the best fit for you.

Some of the best survey sites include:

  • Swagbucks (desktop and phone app)
  • Toluna
  • Productive
  • i-say (formerly IPSOS)
  • OnePulse (phone app)
  • Appreciated Opinion
ebay screen on laptop

Sell ​​the stuff you don’t want online

If you find yourself with a closet filled with clothes you no longer wear that are still in good condition, selling them online will definitely help you make some money.

The baby/toddler/kids clothing line has always proved popular as they wear out very quickly and there is no point in buying designer clothes for kids. That said, second hand designer clothes are selling well and it may be wise to sell this as a single item.

Even if you don’t have any clothes to sell, you’re bound to have items you no longer use that might belong to someone else. Don’t be afraid to sell these online and make money!

Apart from online auction sites like Ebay, there are other sites that offer online marketplaces like Facebook or Gumtree. If selling online seems daunting, then a car boot sale when the weather is less predictable is a great opportunity to sell things and meet new people!

Final thoughts on how to make money from home

These are just a few of more common ways to make money from homebut there are plenty of opportunities out there.

You just need to find something that suits you, how much free time you have and go for it! The more attempts you make, the more money you will earn!

a laptop with coffee and a notepad on the table is essential for making money from home
Can you add any other suggestions for making money from home?

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