Wall Hooks for a Small Entry

It was driving me crazy because I had nowhere to hang my sling bag, backpack, or hat when I came and went, so I ordered a set of wall hooks and stuck them behind our front door in Florida.

I wanted something simple and minimalist, so when I found this angled hook in natural wood, I bought it and installed it on the wall. I love how simple they are and how they fill the tight space between the front door and the corner of my small office.

I thought about mounting it on a piece of wood but chose to attach it directly to the wall. It’s amazing how something so simple can add comfort to your life.

Sometimes you don’t need an entire shelving system or a hall tree or mudroom, you just want a small place to hang the hats and handbags you use most often.

Below find a collection of modern wall hooks from the simple to the whimsical for when you want to hang or take your favorite item on the go. These are all attractive alternatives to standard hook racks.

curved hook

gravel hook

terrazzo / marble

dark circle

natural rounded wooden pegs | round beech hook

five hook racks

golden bird (also white)

white animal

gold leaf

flower engraved / hair

resin animal (some done)

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