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I’m working out design plans for my study room-turned-library and chose this floral wallpaper for the wall behind the sofa and bookshelves. I chose it because I wanted our library to have an old world touch as the rest of the furniture is from the modern era.

Over the years, I’ve avoided floral patterns in the past, it just felt dusty to me. As I got older, I came to appreciate those motifs more and the age in which people entertained themselves with books and music and art. I found myself lingering in art museums and staring at books on natural history. My mother-in-law was wondering what to do with her old leather-bound encyclopedia set and my instant wish was to open it up as a portal to the past as we turned to books for information instead of the internet.

With the continued popularity of vintage art, the rise of landscape wall murals, and the trend for academics over the past year, it’s no surprise Victorian florals are having a moment. It seems like we all want a piece of history in our home, a touch of the 19th century mixed with modern lines. The easiest way to achieve the look is to add wallpaper, artwork, or home accents with Victorian botanical motifs while keeping the furnishings and other space lighting of the century. Example below.

susannah holmberg

callier heidi designs


floral fabric at morris & co

bespoke only

dee murphy design

flower pillow

anemone wallpapers

garden wallpaper


by emily henderson

rebecca & genevieve

john lewis

my wall

You can find most of the iconic William Morris patterns in the wallpaper collections at Morris & Co. Rifle Paper & Co is known for its fresh floral prints that are akin to the charm of old patterns that mix animals with plants. Below are some decorating favorites for adding a touch of Victorian botanical pattern to your space.

peacock catch tray / crimson pillow

bone china tea cup set / botanical art print

duvet cover / shanghai pillow

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