Things Other People Love That I Hate ⋆ By Forever Amber

The Things Others Like That I Hate

I first posted a list of things other people like that I hate in 2017, when I was pregnant and… apparently really grumpy.

Well, I’m no longer pregnant, so I have no reason to be. I am, however, EVEN MORE GRUMPY than I was then, because, in the years since this post was first published, I have identified a few more things that other people like that I hate. And I’m going to share it with you now…

(Disclaimer: When I say “hate” I mean “I don’t really like them”. And when I say “please don’t text me telling me how “negative” I am for not only liking every single thing in the entire world, I mean, “No, seriously: don’t.” It’s okay to dislike some things. It’s even better when you find someone else who shares your dislike, so please, pour yourself a drink, chill out, and tell me about all the things YOU hate that other people like. It’ll be fun, I promise.)


Sometimes I feel like the only person in the world who doesn’t care about sports. Every sport. Yes, even big events like the Olympics, or the World Cup, where everyone says, “But surely you will support your COUNTRY?!” and I was like, “Meh.”

I can’t seem to bring myself to care whether Team GB wins a gold medal or whatever: I mean, great for them and all, and I can definitely appreciate such a big accomplishment, but… I just don’t want to see them do it. Or hear people talk about it. No, not even when it’s “tennis” and the whole world is absolutely OBSESSED with who will win Wimbledon. Honestly, the only thing I find more boring than tennis is golf, and the only thing I find more boring about golf is…


Roast. Masterchef. Whatever else is called. I mean, I love FOOD, obviously (Maybe a bit too much actually…), it’s just that, like sports, I don’t want to talk about it, or watch people prepare it, or whatever else is going on at the show. which takes over my Twitter feed whenever it’s active. Seriously, my eyes tear up whenever I’m with people who want to talk about cooking, so competitive baking is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard of, not even kidding.


Hi, my name is Amber, and I absolutely hate it Set. I never get that time back. There are some musicals that I love more than others, but, for the most part, I always want to cringe when I watch something, and the characters suddenly sing. Like, just move on with the story! Don’t make me watch you make literally song and dance about it, damn it!


You knew this one was coming, right? It’s everyone’s favorite season, I know, and I’m not sure you could even CALL yourself a blogger if you weren’t OMGOBSESS with it, but I’m… not obsessed with Fall. Or not, unless you’re deemed obsessed hate it, obviously. It’s just a cold, dark, claustrophobic season: a time when everything is dying, and sometimes it feels like you haven’t seen daylight for days, which is as sad as hell, really. And, I mean, sure, the color of the leaves is gorgeous, but you can’t really see them in the dark, can you?

(Also, I know everyone is excited about FINALLY getting to snuggle up with a good book, blanket, and hot cocoa, but it’s like… don’t you all have to work fall and winter? Because you manage to sound like you’re just “snuggling” in your couch under the covers all the time, but I still have to wake up at stupid hours every morning, drop my kid off at school, then work a full day, like I do for the rest of the year. Where do you all find this time to snuggle?) (No, really, where?)

(And don’t even get me started on “boots and tights” and “laces!”. Seriously, DON’T EVEN.)


I just don’t like it. I like film, sure, but actually I think I prefer TV shows (which I can binge watch), and there aren’t a lot of movies that I really want to watch so much that I have to watch them as soon as they come out, and can’t wait a few months for them to be on Netflix . Honestly, most of the time I will be a lot more correctly wait until I can see them in the comfort of my own home, where I can adjust the temperature, lay back on the couch, and get up and down for a snack/bathroom break without disturbing anyone or missing anything important.

Also, I might just be super unlucky, but our local cinema always seems to be, a) FROZEN and, b) filled with people talking or using their phones throughout the movie, and who wants to deal with THAT?


Fun fact: when I was a kid, I used to think it was called a “boring” game because it was boring, and when I say “as a kid” I mean, “I still think so, tbh.” Ditto parlor games are like charades or… whatever nonsense people like to make up in the name of forced fun. Seriously, nothing makes my heart sink faster than when I’m at some kind of social gathering and someone talks to me with a “let’s all play a game!” LORD.

Terry (who LOVES this sort of thing, of course) likes to insist that I hate games because I’m so bad at them, but the truth is I’m bad at them because I hate them. Like sports, I couldn’t bring myself to care about winning a board game or beating someone at a play. I can not do it. And you can’t make me either.


A few weeks ago, Max’s school had a “weird socks day” (where everyone has to go in wearing weird socks, funny thing), and it made me realize that I don’t understand people. Well, I mean, I guess I understand KIDS, and why it might be fun for them, but at almost every office job I’ve ever done, someone insisted on having a ‘theme’ day where everyone had to wear a certain outfit. colors, or silly hats, or whatever, and I just… I just… WHY?

OK, that’s a rhetorical question, obviously. I know why. Sometimes they do it for charity, but other times it’s just to “boost morale” – which brings me back to my question: WHY? My morale was not boosted by wearing red for the day. I’m not amused by the idea of ​​sitting at my desk dressed as a Christmas elf or anything. (And, since the clothing items in question always seem to be items I don’t already own – mostly because they would inevitably be a horrible-looking color to me – I absolutely hate having to pay money for them instead of just giving them directly to whatever charity they want me to donate to.)

As you can tell from the last two, I have a lot of fun at parties. Pleasant. And in general, really. Still, now that I’ve let all that go, I’d love to hear from those of you who share my “hatred.” Because nothing bonds more than a shared dislike of musical theatre, trust me…

7 things I hate that other people love

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