These Are the Best Places to Order Flowers Online Before Valentine’s Day

✔️ What do you want to say: Most flower delivery service websites have a category where you can select arrangements specially designed for birthdays, holidays or special occasions. Utilize the website as a tool to determine which style of arrangement is best for your sweetheart.

✔️ Delivery method and speed: Some flower services have the arrangements delivered by a local florist in your area, usually without any packaging. Other services are delivered directly from the farm or flower warehouse with lots of packaging to keep the flowers safe. If you need last minute flowers or want them to arrive by a certain date, look for a website that offers easy scheduling.

✔️ Budget: Sending flowers can be expensive. Know your budget before you buy, look for sales around the holidays and remember that some services do not include free shipping and shipping can be as high as $25 per bouquet.

✔️ Packaging and customization: Most flower delivery services offer the option to include a card with a short note, but others also offer more customization such as colored ribbons, balloons or chocolates. Receiving flowers is special, but if you want to make it even more special for your recipient, see how it is delivered (florist vs. mail), packaged (vase vs. wrapped bouquet) and if you can customize the experience.

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