The World’s Most Prestigious Golf Tournaments

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Whether you are a golf enthusiast, new to the sport or just a fan of watching high-quality sports entertainment, the world’s most prestigious golf tournament is not to be missed. This competition brings together the best talent from around the world to compete on some of the best and most beautiful golf courses on the planet. So, what are the most prestigious golf tournaments to watch every year?


The Masters is one of the four major championships and is often a highlight throughout the year. Taking place in Augusta, Georgia in the US, The Masters is the first major tournament of the year taking place in April and is therefore a good barometer of who has had the most success. The tournament was founded in 1934 and there are many famous traditions, including the champion being awarded the green jacket which is kept in the clubhouse a year after the victory. Jack Nicklaus has the most Masters wins with 6 while Tiger Woods follows with 5. Scottie Scheffler wins in 2022.

PGA Championship

The PGA is another major tournament and one that takes place in the US with the location changing every year. Since 2019, the PGA Championship has taken place in May so it is now the second major on the calendar. Walter Hagen (match play) and Jack Nicklaus (stroke play) have the most wins with 5 each while Justin Thomas wins in 2022.

UK Open

The British Open is the oldest golf tournament in the world dating back to 1860. Since the PGA Championship was moved to May, the British Open is now the last major tournament to take place in mid-July. Changing venue between a group of beach link golf courses with the Dundonald link, Ayrshire will host next year’s Open. Harry Vardon holds the record with 6 wins with Australia’s Cameron Smith being the most recent winner.

Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup is not one of the big 4 tournaments but it is still very prestigious. A biennial competition, The Ryder Cup sees teams from Europe and the US competing against each other with venues alternating between courses in Europe and the US. The tournament was originally Great Britain against the US until 1977 after which it became all of Europe. In total, the US has 27 wins while GB/Europe has 14 wins.

Player Championship

Players’ Championships usually involve the top 50 ranked players in the world as opposed to “open” championships. It is not one of the majors but is often considered the 5th competition and is still very prestigious and has been held at TPC Sawgrass in Florida since 1982. Nicklaus leads the way with 3 wins and Cameron Smith is the most recent winner.

These are all prestigious golf tournaments that every fan wants to witness to see the best in the world compete against each other.

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