The Dog and Cat Breeds With the Highest Vet Bills

Australian Labradoodles
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We probably all know someone who would do anything for a beloved pet. Some of us are that person.

And pet insurance is designed so that we don’t go bankrupt to protect them from health problems. But let’s say you don’t have a pet at the moment or you’re planning to get another one – would you like to know which breeds have the most expensive upkeep and probably more health problems than others?

A recent Forbes Advisor analysis of three years of pet insurance claims data can help. By looking at claims data filed with state insurance departments, Forbes found the average pet insurance claims for many dog ​​and cat breeds. The claim amount reflects how much the insurer pays, which is typically 70% to 100% of the total bill, excluding the deductible, according to Forbes.

Based on their findings, here are which cat and dog breeds have the highest and lowest vet bills.

The cat breed with the highest vet bills

  • Siberian Forest Cat: $457 (average pet insurance claim amount)
  • Bengal: $404
  • Mixed Breed Medium Haired Cat: $403
  • Mixed Breed Longhair Cat: $397
  • Ragdolls: $381

The dog breed with the highest vet bills

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  • Greater Swiss Mountain Dog: $425 (average pet insurance claim amount)
  • Rottweilers: $401
  • Mastiff from Bordeaux: $395
  • Cane Corso: $386
  • American Bulldog: $376

The cat breed with the lowest vet bills

Beautiful Himalayan cat
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  • Burma: $216 (average pet insurance claim amount)
  • Himalayas: $287
  • Persian: $317
  • Short Haired Domestic Cat: $319
  • Sphinx: $326

Dog breeds with the lowest vet bills

Miniature Goldendoodle puppies get a trim from a groomer or pet owner
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  • Australian Labradoodles: $226 (average pet insurance claim amount)
  • Miniature Goldendoodle: $230
  • Shichon: $241
  • Collie-Rough: $243
  • Dalmatians: $255
  • Lhasa Apso: $255

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