The best photo cleaner apps to keep your storage clear

Remo the best photo cleaning app for Android

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Smartphones make for great cameras and storage for memes. Finally, you get tons of pictures on your device. Some people end up with duplicate images by accident. Eventually, everyone started thinking about taking apart and cleaning out their photo collections. Fortunately, it’s not too hard to do. There are many applications for backing up your photos, removing duplicate files, and cleaning up your photo collection. Here are the best photo cleaning apps for Android.

The best photo cleaner app for Android

Amazon’s photo

Price: Free / $19.99 per year

Amazon Photos is one of the best photo backup apps on mobile for people on Amazon Prime. The service is free (photos only, videos cost extra) for Prime subscribers and $19.99 per year for 100GB of storage for everyone. Amazon will upload every image on your phone so you can freely delete them all without worrying about losing them. It’s a great way to upload your photos with more than enough features to keep things interesting. It costs a little more than Google Photos, but people on Amazon Prime pay a lot less.

Avast Cleanup

Price: Free / $11.99-$17.99 per year

Avast Cleanup 2022 screenshot

Avast Cleanup is a basic application that can clean up your photo collection. It scans your device and displays things that you can delete to free up space. These apps are a dime a dozen, but Avast adds a little extra flair. The app also displays similar photos so you can remove duplicates and clean up your internal storage that way. There are some snake oil features like RAM boost that you should 100% avoid, but it’s a great basic tool to clean things up.


Price: Free / $1.99 per month / $7.99 per year

CCleaner 2021 screenshot

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

CCleaner is a popular cleaning application for PCs. The mobile version also works fine. This application looks very similar to the Avast Cleanup application and works in much the same way. The app scans your storage, finds your photos, and lets you delete extra stuff. There’s a duplicate photo removal function to clean up your collection a bit. This app is a bit basic so it might not work as intended for some people. This app also has some extra stuff like RAM boost which we don’t recommend you to use. Otherwise, it works fine for simple use cases.

Duplicate Cleaner

Price: Free / Up to $3.49

Duplicate Cleaner 2021 screenshot

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Duplicate Cleaner is one of the best photo cleaner apps to find duplicate photos. It works on image files along with others such as audio files, documents and video files. This is a great way to clean up your photos a bit. However, this only works on files that are actually duplicated, not just photos that look alike. You need another app for that. It’s relatively inexpensive and works pretty well. This will free up quite a bit of space depending on how messy your photo library is.

Google Photos

Price: Free (first 15GB) / $1.99-$9.99 per month (100GB-2TB)

Google Photos 2020 screenshot

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Google Photos is the gold standard for photo backup. It uploads your collection to your Google Drive account, leaving you free to delete images from your phone. Apart from that, it also archives stuff to save your cloud storage space and encourages you to delete less important things like old screenshots that Photos has backed up. This service used to be free. It’s still there, but only until your 15GB of free storage is used. Luckily, more storage is pretty cheap and 100GB goes a lot further than you might think.

Nextccloud is an interesting option for deleting photos from your storage. It is basically a self-hosted cloud storage platform. You install the application on your computer as well as on your mobile. From there, the app helps you use your computer as your cloud storage. There are pros and cons to this. It’s free storage because you own it and you can add as much storage as you want to your computer. On the other hand, it’s a little less stable and you need to keep your PC up all the time for it to work. It has bugs here and there, but works fine once you get it up and running.

Remo Duplicate Photo Remover

Price: Free

Remo Duplicate Photo Remover screenshot

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover is one of the better photo cleaning apps. It helps you identify and remove identical photos from your library. It works very simply. The application scans your device for image files and identifies duplicates. You remove the duplicates and move on with your life. Unlike most, this one also scans similar-looking photos. So, if you have 9 selfies taken on the same day but you only want to keep one, it will help you find and delete the other eight selfies. Can be a little finicky at times but generally pretty good.

SD Assistant

Price: Free / $3.85

SD Maid 2021 screenshot

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

SD Maid helps you clean up your SD card and phone storage, including all your photos. It lets you explore your entire phone with a complete file explorer. You can remove and clean items to your liking. This app also helps you find and remove duplicate files, manage installed apps, and even delete folders of apps you don’t install anymore. It’s a nifty little tool, though cleaning up your photo collection is just one of its several features.

Simple Gallery Pro

Price: $1.09

Simple Gallery Pro is a simple but effective gallery app. The UI is highly customizable so you can view your photos in a way that makes sense to you. You can use this power to find photos you no longer want and get rid of them. Also, it has a photo editor to clean it up a bit further if you so desire. It also has a trash can function so you can delete things and restore them if necessary. It’s cheap and uses only minimal permissions.

Solid Explorer

Price: Free trial / $2.99

Of course, you can always dive into your photo collection with any file browser. We like Solid Explorer because it’s easy to use, looks good, gets consistent updates, and also connects to most cloud storage accounts. You can go to folders you don’t normally open like your memes folder or your Facebook downloads folder.

If we missed any great photo cleaning apps for Android, let us know in the comments. You can also click here to see our list of the latest Android apps and games.

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