Simple & Calm for Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve! I took some photos of our fireplace and tree before all the gifts were wrapped. I think this year won the award for most minimalist decor! I kept it very simple but gave the living room enough seasonal warmth and holiday glow to make it feel festive.

2022 is an extraordinary year. I had the opportunity to renovate and flip over a two bedroom home in Sonoma that includes this bathroom and kitchen that we renovated from top to bottom. I spent a summer in Florida renovating the house we bought and remodeling this bathroom to match the style of the house. Another space is a work in progress and I will be back in the summer of 2023 to do more work on the house as it will be rented out between February and May.

In between it all I snuck into Tulum, Mexico and Spain including the cities of Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Ibiza and Seville (I’ll be sharing more photos of that trip in January). Our family sent our daughter to college on the east coast and I traveled to visit her in New England with a short stop in New York City. I’m adding more prints to my online print shop. Some of my favorite DIY projects from this year include this privacy-planting trellis and this electric fireplace makeover.

Just like every year, it’s been a fun trip documenting space makeovers, sharing DIY projects, writing design articles, and sharing photos from my travels. I smile when I look back and my first DIY project that I shared on this blog years ago. It’s been an amazing adventure since the beginning of this blog in 2009.

Next year promises to be the same, dear readers! More space, more projects, more articles, more travel. I am so grateful to all of you who keep coming back to this space. I know there are many places to find inspiration and I appreciate all of you who take the time to read month after month and year after year.

I took a week off between Christmas and New Years, with the exception of one post. I’ll be sharing some new startup screensavers for your tech next week.

We wish you all the best and happiest holidays.


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