Pretty Vases for Plant Propagation

Spring is the best! When everything outdoors comes to life, I find inspiring new growth! On my dining room table, I have a group of plants that thrive in indirect sunlight. Our dining room is open to the rest of the house and is also in the center of our house, so I wanted to grow something low maintenance there.

I started propagating some of my favorite indoor plants to save money, but I also didn’t want the glass test tube look, so I purchased an elegant bud vase set for the job. I set them on the little brass trays from Target.

It’s been four weeks, I changed the water once a week, and now I see little roots coming out which means the clippings are ready to be transferred to a new planter with fresh soil. Hooray!

The nice thing about glass is watching the slow growth as the roots come out. It reminds me of when I was in elementary school and we made science experiments in class to watch roots grow in the sun on the classroom windowsill. 🙂

I bought a set of heavy bottom glass vases in a subtle yellow hue for my dining room table, they look a bit more elegant than the usual glass tube vases.

Instead of displaying science experiments in glass test tubes, consider using vases of colorful or pretty buds nestled in trays or grouped on a flat surface to propagate plants in your home as well. Bud vases are often marketed to brides for their reception tables so you can find an interesting collection on wedding supply sites or just do an internet search.

Add a touch of style to your home and spread it while you’re at it! Some of the favorites below…

diamond amber / pink ombre glass

six pieces of blue (also green and gray) / clear fluted set

light bulb sets (some colours) / pink sets

pastel sets / neutral recycled glass

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