Here’s How to Modernize Your Bathroom Design

Often described as minimalist, neutral, and timeless, modern interiors are very popular in homes — especially in bathroom designs where function is a priority. Rely on modern fixtures, tiles, colors, and hardware to enhance your interiors—whether you’re redesigning a half-bath, or modernizing your master bathroom with a separate shower and freestanding tub. To help inspire your next home project, we’ve got you covered modern bathroom ideas one that exudes elegance, luxury, and simplicity — plus, it’s surprisingly easy to recreate.

Modern design is characterized by clean lines, natural materials, and a simple color palette, although the idea of ​​”modern” is always changing with current design trends. As you scroll through these designer-approved interiors, you’ll discover creative ways to incorporate modern elements to create spaces that feel both chic and personal.

If you want a space that feels modern but bold, we sprinkled the design with mismatched tiles, warm gold fixtures, and decorative lighting (which is also a bathroom trend for 2023). If you prefer to stick with the classic black and white bathroom design, you’ll find plenty of ideas that mix the modern with the traditional. Modern fixtures and materials are incredibly versatile and blend easily with other home styles such as mid-century, farmhouse, and coastal, which makes it easy to find inspiration that fits your style. So sit back, relax, and start scrolling to find the space that speaks to you.

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