Google TV finally gets individual profiles after multiple false starts –

google tv user profile


  • Google TV users can finally create different profiles on the same device.
  • Apps and logins won’t change by profile.
  • This feature is rolling out to all users and will reach everyone in the next few weeks.

When Google TV first debuted with the new Chromecast, it made a glaring omission—profile. There is no way to switch Google accounts on the platform so different household members can enjoy a personalized experience, one of the most prominent features of the new UI. Google finally fixed that glitch after announcing the profiles feature last October.

People in 9to5Google reports that you can finally create individual profiles on your Google TV device. That means your Chromecast with Google TV or other smart TV or streaming box that comes with the UI.

This feature allows users to sign in to different Google accounts on the same Google TV device. Content recommendations will be associated with each of those accounts and will change when users switch profiles. You’ll also have access to your personal watchlist and Assistant on each of the different profiles.

However, switching profiles will not affect any apps or logins on the device, except for Google apps. So if you use one Netflix account on one profile, the same account will be available on all profiles. However, your YouTube login will change and use the Google account of the selected profile.

Profiles on Google TV will start rolling out to all users starting today. If you don’t see the feature right away, you will get it over the next few weeks.

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