Google Maps gets closer to its immersive view feature with its latest update

google maps on android shows New York City


  • Google Maps has added new features in its latest update, including part of its immersive viewing package.
  • The most visual update is new 3D aerial views of over 100 major global landmarks.
  • Other feature additions include improved cycling features and location notification sharing.
3d google maps

Landmarks, which include places like the Empire State Building in New York City and Big Ben in London, are rendered in full photorealistic views. You can go to one of the selected landmarks in Google Maps and open the Photos section to view the 3D version. Google says this is just the beginning of adding a full immersive viewing feature in the app. When it starts rolling out later this year, it will allow travelers in select cities to fly over the map, or down to the Street View level and see helpful info like when restaurants are open or nearby traffic.

Google Maps also added new route information for cyclists in this update. It will now indicate where you might find some steep hills or stairs, or if there is heavy traffic along your route. Lastly, this update adds location sharing notifications. If you share your location with family members or friends, they can be notified in the Maps app, or via email, when you arrive or depart at that location. This will give you and the people you share your location with some thoughts.

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