Gmail rolls out new integrated design with Chat, Spaces, and Meet apps

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  • Google has started rolling out its new Gmail design, after a few months in preview.
  • The new design integrates other Google services, including Chat, Meet, and Spaces, into a single location.
  • Gmail users can customize the new look in Settings.

Gmail has gone through a lot of changes in its 18 years of existence. Today, Google announced that its new Gmail design is starting to roll out to all of its users. The big change is Gmail’s integration with several other Google services, namely Chat, Spaces, and Meet.

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The new design, which has been available in public preview for the last few months, places access to Chats, Rooms, and Meet in the top-left side of the main Gmail window. Users can freely switch between all these apps without having to launch them separately. You can also customize the section and ignore any apps you don’t want to use, in the Quick Settings section. Google points out that if you like the old design, you still have the option to stick with the standard Gmail format.

In addition to the new design, Google is also working on more Gmail features. They include improvements in the search results that are available now. In the near future, we’ll also see an updated look at Gmail for tablet devices, along with improved accessibility features and a new emoji design.

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