Gentler Streak Adds Support for Apple Watch Ultra Action Button

If you haven’t heard of this app, it provides a different view on fitness tracking. Apple’s stock activity app rewards you for closing the Move, Workout, and Stand rings each day.

Does not take into account rest days when you are on vacation, sick or otherwise.

The app responds to your specific fitness level and then provides the optimal activity level in a personalized Activity Track.

With a tailored path, you’ll keep going by staying somewhere on the trail and responding to your body’s true needs whether it’s rest, light activity, or a more intense day.

On your wearable, you can display exercise information and control your fitness on the go.

During your workout, you can view real-time heart rate zones and their immediate effect on your body. You can also adjust the exercise intensity for the best results. So you can increase or decrease the exercise to avoid fatigue.

You can track more than 85 activities on your Apple Watch. It will show specific statistics for the type of workout such as duration, calories, distance, speed and more. When in a pool or ocean, you can also lock your screen.

And the app has just been updated with two handy new features.

Apple Watch Ultra users will be pleased to hear that the app now supports Action Buttons on wearables. You can start and pause/resume a workout by pressing the button.

There’s also a new 2022 Activity Recap. It will show you everything you’ve done this year, the distance you’ve covered, and the total hours of activity.

Gentler Streak is for iPhone and Apple Watch and can be downloaded now on the App Store for free.

You need a subscription to take advantage of all the features of the app. There are two options—$29.99 per year or $7.99 per month.

Family and lifetime subscription options are also available.

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