Explore the World of Internet Radio With Broadcasts

State the country, and there is a live radio feed available. From Australia to Zimbabwe, and even Antarctica, there’s something for you to listen to, all for free.

And On Air is the best way to listen to streaming radio on all your Apple devices. To get started, you can search for stations around the world. If you don’t know where to start, you can also browse and view stations grouped by country.

You can also select a country and search for a specific genre such as classic or pop.

Alternatively, you can also add an audio stream URL.

This app has recently added a number of new features with the latest update to version 3..0

You will be able to enjoy a new mini-player which will display album art or tracks.

On that screen, you can control music playback and access other options such as the ability to AirPlay to other devices, set a sleep timer, view the playback history of a station, and even view songs from a station in Apple Music.

The app also extends support for metadata such as song names and artwork where available.

Another new feature is the ability to customize station artwork with the Artwork Chooser. You can choose text, emoji, color and more.

Thanks to expanded Shortcuts support, you can now control playback and adjust the sleep timer.

Broadcast is a universal app available on iPhone, all iPad models, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac. It’s also available for use with compatible CarPlay systems so you can listen to the station while you drive.

This application can be downloaded free. In the free version, you can store up to five stations.

With an in-app purchase of $4.99, you can remove that limit and store an unlimited number of stations.

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