Elegear Tie Dye Hug Throw TV Blanket Review

If you are looking for a premium quality blanket from a popular brand, many names will pop up on the scene. However, Elegear is a leading name in the global market that provides quality blankets at below set prices.

One such product is Elegear’s Tie Dye Hug Throw TV Blanket. This is one of those lazy mobile blankets that have revolutionized the way blankets are used during winter. Without thinking twice, let’s dive into what makes this tie-dye blanket a great investment choice.

Lazy Phone Covers:

If you are not familiar with lazy phone covers, let’s give you a clear introduction. During the cold season, not everyone has the strength to take their hands off the covers and use their mobile phones for a long time. Elegear took this as a big challenge and created a unique blanket with a cut to get your hands out without exposing your shoulders and neck.

The Elegear phone covers come with two holes so you can use your phone as long as you want, keeping your body warm. With this comes the freedom to protect your body from the cold and enjoy your phone.

Throw Blankets & Wearable Blankets:

What’s more satisfying than getting two types of blankets at once? This is a blanket that can keep your body warm all day long. On the other hand, it also becomes a blanket to wear whenever you need to use your smartphone. Perfect for any seating area from sofa to bed without compromising your body protection. In short, it can be a blanket or suit for your body to beat the cold.

Premium Quality:

In terms of Elegear, quality remains at the top. This Elegear phone cover has passed the OEKO-TEX certification making it absolutely safe for children. Using it can increase your body temperature by 2-5 degrees Celsius, which makes a big difference in warming your body and providing a good night’s sleep. The brand is already popular globally, so you can’t think twice about this brand.

Besides, it is an anti-static blanket that keeps your body away from the annoying static electricity during winter.

Completely skin-friendly:

The biggest problem that many homeowners face is sticky blanket fibers that interfere with their use. Such blankets are also irritating during a night’s sleep. Elegear phone covers are completely handmade with tie-dyeing technology, making them comfortable to wear without sticking to your skin.

Elegear is a name you can rely on. Made with Japanese Heatwarm technology +2 degrees celsius, this is one of the best investments to give your family warmth and comfort wherever you want. Purchasing from a reputed brand is highly recommended to ensure the longevity and durability of the product.

With thousands of satisfied customers, these blankets are available all over the world. However, some customers expect it to be thicker, offering higher warmth than stated.

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