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Google Play Store changelog section

Adamya Sharma / Android Authority

Every time the app gets an update, you can find the contents of the new version via the app’s change log on the Google Play Store. For new apps that you haven’t downloaded yet, you’ll need to navigate to the bottom “About This App” to find the “What’s New” option which contains a log of changes. However, if you are already using the app, its changelog appears right above when you open it in the Play Store.

In 2019, Google removed Play Store notifications that appeared when apps were automatically updated. Luckily, it reversed the decision in 2020 and returned the notice. This usually prompts one to go and check an app’s changelog and see what features are added. You can also enable a setting in the Play Store to notify you when an update is available for an app, another helpful way to know when your app is getting a new version.

Did you read the app change log on the Google Play Store?

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