Disney On Ice presents Dream Big

Last Updated on December 25, 2022

Disney entertainment for the whole family

My kids grew up on Disney movies, from old childhood favorites of mine to more contemporary films, all of which we love, some of the original animated films are some of the most epic films ever made. They present classic stories, with timeless themes of good and evil, with beautiful characters created in a way that people of all ages, races, and cultures can relate to. However, I had never seen Disney On Ice before so I was very excited to embark on my pre-Christmas trip with three of my younger family members ages 5, 7 and 11, all of whom are huge Disney fans (and much more up to date with latest movies from me!) to see Disney On Ice present Dream Big at London’s O2 Arena.

Disney On Ice presents Dream Big Mickey Mouse

Visiting the O2 is an adventure in itself, it is huge, but well organized with lots of helpful staff, numbered entrances and doors to enable you to successfully find your seat, with tempting, but expensive merchandise and popcorn stands outside the main seating area area. As we enter the bowels of the arena, we are transported to the enchanted Disney wonderland… lots of families with children dressed as their favorite characters, children wearing flaming headbands and waving glistening wands, waiting in anticipation of the show starting. The large square-shaped ice rink stage has a central tower behind it against a illuminated backdrop that changes with dramatic and innovative projections and lighting effects. The show is hosted by longtime favorite Mickey and Minnie Mouse who takes you on a charming two-hour journey through old and new Disney fairy tales, with a little help from Pluto and Tinkerbell.

Disney On Ice presents Dream Big

First, we meet Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, and Genie thrilling audiences with spectacular ice skating routines performed by a number of insanely talented skaters and pot versions of the story with the much loved song ‘A Whole New World’ as they head around the globe. Next is Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Lumière, a canary-colored chandelier with a brilliant ensemble dressed in incredible cutlery costumes singing one of my favorite Disney songs, ‘Be Our Guest’. Move fast to the duet of Rapunzel and her Prince and then set sail with Moana in Coco’s colorful spirit realm as she bravely saves her island of Motunui, located in Polynesia.

Disney On Ice presents Dream Big Coco

The Little Mermaid takes you under the sea, bubbles cascade down from the loft above, and amazing skaters dressed in bright and beautiful sea life costumes are a feast for the eyes. Then romance won the day with Sleeping Beauty and ‘Once Upon a Dream’. The special effects are simply amazing especially the incredible giant glowing dragon bursting into flames!

Disney On Ice presents Dream Big

Of course, there’s a series of triumphant scenes from the hit Frozen, which creates a magical winter dream world as snowflakes fall from the rafters. And the grand finale brings out all the princes and princesses and the fabulous fairytale train before Minnie and Mickey say their goodbyes.

Disney On Ice presents Dream Big

This is a wonderful party treat for the whole family, I know my young friends are captivated and enthralled by the spectacle.

Disney On Ice brings Dream Big in London: The O2 through December 31st www.disneyonice.com

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