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The earth is full of inspiration and certain parts of the world have certain design styles that are iconic and worthy of a bucket list. Moroccan riads have a long history dating back many centuries, these are traditional houses with special design elements influenced by the history and culture of the region.

Riad in Arabic means a house built around a garden, identifiable by its multiple floors all facing an interior courtyard, often where fountains and lush plants are a focal point. A riad has a balcony overlooking a courtyard decorated with ornate tiles, carved wood and wrought metal.

Traditionally designed for large families for protection, in modern times many have been renovated to serve as privately run boutique hotels to offer a more intimate experience for travelers to Marrakesh, Fes and the surrounding area. The rooms are private and the courtyard is a community space where guests can relax or eat while appreciating the cushioned seating nooks, fountains and abundant mosaic tiles along the floor and walls which provide many different aesthetics.

Riads mix ornamentation with organic elements, they are a visual feast with their intricate tiling, plants and unique furnishings. A well-decorated riad is a lesson in how to layer textures, patterns and colors to create an oasis. I’ve included links below to a collection of riads to bookmark any future itineraries. Meanwhile, enjoy the inspiration!

riad yasmin

Dar Raba Laroub

riad itrane

riad tizwa

l’hotel marrakech

riad b

riad vert

secret riad jardin

arabic house


Riad Zayana

anaroz house

riad jaseema

riad bliss

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