Create a Feng Shui Kitchen With These Expert Design Tips

An ancient method that originated in China, Feng Shui is meant to bring happiness, abundance and harmony into the home. The placement of your kitchen, as well as the colors and materials used overall, play a similar role in optimizing the flow of “Qi” — or the natural energy that exists in a space. There are lots of do’s and don’ts in Feng Shui (like where to put the kitchen sink and which plants to avoid). To make your redesign even easier, we spoke to interior experts and designers who shared their opinions top Feng Shui kitchen tips.

There are many ways to bring Feng Shui into kitchen designs (even small kitchens) – from the traditional rule of triangles to countertop and cabinet materials to decorative elements (art, lighting and table decorations). “When you add simple Feng Shui principles to a space, you create good energy that will enhance your well-being,” says Reiko Gomez, Feng Shui expert and interior designer. “Also, a kitchen with good Feng Shui is a more enjoyable place to cook, socialize, and connect with family and loved ones.”

Jennifer A. Emmer, interior designer and Feng Shui expert, understands that Feng Shui design balances many factors. Her advice: “There are hundreds of Feng Shui principles you can adapt to your kitchen space. Use what speaks to you. And, don’t stop there – you can also Feng Shui your living room or build a bedroom Feng Shui.

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