Chromebooks will get new Google Photos movie editor and more this fall

google photo movie editor


  • Google announced several upcoming Chromebook features, including the easy-to-use new Google Photos movie editor.
  • Chromebooks will also get new light and dark themes, along with other customizable options.
  • New productivity features and apps are also coming soon.

It’s hard to believe, but we are getting closer to the new school season for elementary and college students. Many of them will be getting their new Chromebooks for use in class, or at home. Today, Google announced a number of new apps and features coming to Chromebooks and ChromeOS over the next few months. Perhaps the biggest new feature is the updated Google Photos movie editor which will debut first on Chromebooks this fall.

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The new editor will be able to create movies with your Google Photos images and video clips by simply selecting a theme, and the people or animals you want to see. If you want more control over the process, you can use the editor to edit your film from the ground up, adding features like video filters, title cards and music. If you open a video in the Chromeook Gallery app, you can edit it in Google Photos by simply tapping on it.

Speaking of editing, the video app LumaFusion is also coming to Chromebooks. This will allow users to also add music tracks, narration, sound effects, transitions and much more.

chromebook pdf app

The Chromebook Gallery app will also add a new feature sometime in early August that will allow users to edit PDF files, and the Screencast app will support video recording and transcription for people who like to create or capture video clips or presentations. If you have a Chromebook that supports a touchscreen stylus, the upcoming Cursive app lets you edit and organize all your handwritten notes, and copy them into other apps.

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Chromebooks will also get some nice customizable features in the coming weeks. One of the most anticipated new additions is the light and dark theme. Soon you’ll be able to switch between these two themes on your Chromebook or change them automatically depending on the time of day. Several Chromebook wallpapers are being created to support both themes. You can also use an image from your Google Photos account for your wallpaper, and you can set it up so you get a different wallpaper image every day.

Chromebook virtual desks, which let you have a number of apps and windows for a specific job, can now be saved and closed with just a tap when you want to get out of it. Finally, tapping a specific date on your Chromebook shelf will bring up a monthly calendar so you can keep track of your plans quickly.

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