Best Ways To Help Your Child Pass Their Driving Test

Learning to drive is an important milestone for every young adult. Achieving their driver’s license can be a source of pride and freedom. This article provides practical tips and the best way to do it help your child pass the driving test.

Passing practical driving tests today is much more difficult than before. Did you know that the pass rate for young riders is much lower than it was 10 years ago?

Student drivers must now drive independently for around 20 minutes during their exams. This is to show that they can read road signs and can handle things that might happen in real life. The advantage is that turning corners is no longer included in practical tests.

Most parents want their child to pass the practical driving test as soon as possible. The longer it takes for student drivers to graduate, the more money is spent on driving lessons and exam fees.

If your teen is learning to drive, here are some tips to help them pass their first practice exam.

Hands are placed at a 10 to 2 position on the steering wheel.

Get Lots of Exercise!

The key to passing driving tests faster is lots of practice. The problem is that driving lessons are expensive.

Instructors charge from £25 per hour and up. That’s a lot to pay for when you consider that most young drivers need at least 20 hours of tuition to successfully pass the exam.

Teenagers drive down a country road for practice.

Driving Under Supervision

If possible, it can make a big difference if you allow your teen to practice in another vehicle at the same time as private lessons. This will help them get more experience driving in different weather and road conditions, with different cars.

All student drivers must be supervised by an adult aged 21 or over, with a full license held for at least three years.

Naturally, your teen will need a vehicle to practice. Parents can add student drivers to their current car insurance policy or if you plan to buy them a car when they pass their exams, buy it early so they can use it. for practice sessions.

Another option if you think your teen won’t take long to graduate, is to invest in NI student insurance. This is a type of temporary auto insurance, especially for student drivers. Once students pass their exams, insurance expires, so it’s only a temporary measure.

Be aware that it’s not a great idea to let teens practice driving in high-powered cars, such as the Audi RS Q8 or the BMW M8 Gran Coupe.

Parents are patient with their child driving while helping them pass their driving test.

Be Patient With Your Teenager

Your teen will pass exams more quickly if they have confidence in their abilities. Many teenagers find driving downright scary.

Unfortunately, losing your temper and yelling at your teen when they mess up the start or panic at a busy intersection isn’t going to increase their confidence level. Also not gripping chairs and screaming “we’re all going to die!” every time they speed up.

Try and be supportive while your teen learns to drive. Make it easy for them to train and be patient while you accompany them on their journey.

If you don’t think you have the patience to be the adult supervising your teen, ask someone else to drive them.

Teenage girl learning to drive.

Final Thoughts On The Best Way To Help Your Child Pass The Driving Test

Helping your child pass their driving test is an unforgettable opportunity for them and for you. Not only is it an important step towards your child’s independence, but it’s also a moment you will both remember fondly.

It is important for parents to remain patient and supportive throughout the process. Help increase their chances of success by ensuring your child is prepared, relaxed and confident.

Good luck!

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