Apple Announces Three New Data Security Features Coming Soon

First is Advanced Data Protection for iCloud. Apple’s cloud service previously offered end-to-end encryption for 14 categories by default including passwords in iCloud Keychain and Health data.

With end-to-end encryption, data can only be read by your device. Even if the information was obtained by a third party, it will not be read.

Now, you can protect 23 different categories of data with end-to-end encryption including iCloud Backup, Notes and Photos. The only major categories not covered are iCloud Mail, Contacts, and Calendars due to the need to work with other systems.

You must opt ​​in to Advanced Data Protection for iCloud. It will arrive with the official release of iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2, and macOS 13.1. All of those software updates are scheduled to arrive this month. This feature will be available in the United States to begin with and roll out globally early next year.

Two other features, iMessage Contact Key Verification, Security Key for Apple ID will arrive in 2023 globally.

iMessage Contact Key Verification lets you verify that you’re actually messaging with the person you’re trying to reach. Designed for users such as journalists and members of government, this feature adds another level of security.

When two users with iMessage Contact Key Verification enabled, they will receive an automatic alert if someone can eavesdrop on encrypted communications. It’s even possible to compare a contact’s Verification Code in person, on FaceTime, or through another secure call.

Security Key will improve two-factor authentication for Apple ID. You will be able to use a third party hardware security key to use as a factor. It will offer an advanced level of security to protect your Apple ID and prevent attackers from getting the second factor of phishing scams.

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