8 Best Grout Cleaners of 2022, According to Pros

It seems that all grout cleaners are created equal, but that’s not necessarily the case. When choosing the best cleaner for your dirty grout, keep the following in mind:

✔️ Grout materials and colors: Read the label before buying any grout cleaner to make sure it’s safe to use on the surface you’re cleaning. Some are suitable only for white, colorless, grout, and others can damage adjacent tiles made of natural stone, such as marble or granite.

✔️ Cleaning form: Sprays and foams are easy to apply, but can run or drip from vertical surfaces before the job is done, meaning you may have to reapply. And they can produce fumes that can irritate some people, especially when used in small spaces. Thick gels last longer, but require more effort to rinse off.

✔️ Scope of work: Bleach is a great bleach and germ killer, so if your grout is heavily stained with mold and mildew, a cleaner that contains a strong bleach will be your best bet and will likely require the least amount of scrubbing. If you’re cleaning dirty or discolored floor tile grout or you’re careful to dry your shower every day and only have the occasional stain, a milder formula will suffice.

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