5 Tips to Help Conquer Marvel Snap

Originally landing in October, the collectible card game features short, fast-paced combat. Each game lasts about three minutes with a focus on fun.

Playing is easy and should be familiar to even the novice card battle player. You will start with three cards from your deck and then draw one card at the start of each turn. There are a total of six turns to win each battle.

Each game features three random locations from more than 80 locations in the Marvel universe. All locations have different effects that require a good strategy to win the game.

The player who adds more power to a location wins it. To win the battle, you must have the most power in two of the three locations on the board.

And the app has just been updated with some major improvements.

The biggest addition is the Collector’s Token. It will be available to anyone over level 500 in Cache or Collector’s Reserve. These tokens can be used in the aptly named Token Shop to buy cards you don’t already own.

The shop rotates every 8 hours so be sure to come back and find the card you want.

A number of new cards have also been added—from She-Hulk to Thanos.

Here are five tips to help you beat the game.

1. Make sure your deck features a variety of power cards. While it may be tempting to add to your full deck with 5-power or 6-power cards, it’s very important to keep your deck with a wide variety of different cards. That will help you be able to start building an advantage in the early part of the game.

2. Create multiple decks. After playing or a while, you will likely have a lot of cards. To help you manage everything, you can easily build a number of decks that you can choose from when it’s time to battle. You can even choose from different card backs from each deck.

3. It’s okay not to use up all your energy on each turn. When you start the game, it may be tempting to make sure all your energy is used every turn. But there’s no need to worry. Being conservative with early rounds of cards can help you understand your opponent’s strategy and allow for better use of cards in later rounds. And some cards, like Sunspot, are even better if you have some unspent energy.

4. Take advantage of daily rewards. Marvel Snap is a freemium game, so there are lots of opportunities to get cards and more with in-app purchases. But if you’d rather not spend a bundle, be sure to take advantage of the daily rewards. You can get them by completing various tasks during the game.

5. Always make sure to read the location description. Winning the Marvel Snap is in the details, or rather the location descriptions. Be sure to read each one carefully upon opening. They will definitely influence your strategy and which cards to play. Also be sure to read the app’s News screen. That will highlight any locations that are most likely to appear.

Marvel Snap is a free download now on the App Store and for iPhone and all iPad models.

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