5 Best Apple Watch Apps for Golf

Golfshot Plus has a robust set of GPS features so you can manage your entire golf game in one place. The newest feature brings Automatic Shot Tracking with Apple Watch. This allows you to track every shot with a complete flyover overview of each hole.

You can get real-time distances to all major hazards and targets for over 40,000 different trails around the world. If you prefer to leave your phone in the basket, you can use Siri to activate Voice Caddy to get the distance to the green.

As well as being able to see the green and hole information center on your wrist, you can also track your Handicap Index and even book your new round with GolfNow tee times. If you can think about it, Golfshot Plus has it.

Golfshot Plus is available for a one-time purchase for $99.99, which makes it attractive to avid golfers. Seasonal or occasional golfers can choose a monthly plan for $2.99 ​​or an annual plan for $14.99.

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