5 Apps to Save You Money on the Go

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Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in Living on the Cheap.

Mobile technology is evolving rapidly, and new apps and features are helping us save money wherever we are. Whether you’re heading to the store, gas station, or on vacation, there are apps to help you save money on your trip. Here are some great apps to save you money on the move.


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Prices at pumps aren’t high all the time, but no matter where you are in the United States or Canada, you can save a few dollars on fill time with GasBuddy.

GasBuddy provides you with a list of gas prices at the nearest gas station, so you can choose the nearest gas station at the lowest possible price. For anyone with a car, this is one of the best apps for saving money while traveling.

Bonus tip: The Waze GPS app also has fuel prices, and can suggest gas stations on your route. However, that feature can be a little clunky to use, and GasBuddy is an easier app to navigate, especially for the not-so-tech-savvy.


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Pronounced “I bought,” the Ibotta app offers coupons for use at grocery, drugstore, clothing, liquor, health and beauty, specialty, and convenience stores. You can also find offers in restaurants and cinemas. Ibotta Coupons can be redeemed through the app for cash back. Real, actual money, not just virtual currency.

Here’s how it works. Choose your favorite coupon from the app before you shop or while you’re in the store, buy the item, then scan your receipt. A few moments later, you will see an approval message and your account balance will increase. You can cash out when you reach a $20 balance via PayPal or Venmo. You can also use your account balance to buy gift cards.

This is one of our favorite apps for saving money on the move.


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I was on a road trip from Denver to Portland and decided I wanted to stop in Boise, Idaho, for the night, but had never been there and had no hotel reservations. I arrived around 6pm and just needed a room and wanted the cheapest.

I took out my phone and opened the HotelTonight app. I immediately looked at the list of nearby hotels with their best rates. I chose the hotel from the chain I admit it was the cheapest deal. This app is designed to book last minute rooms at the best rates, but you can reserve up to a week in advance.

Best Parking


When going downtown or to the airport, it can be difficult to find the best parking deals. And in many cities, parking isn’t cheap. That’s where BestParking comes in.

Don’t just pick a parking spot because it’s closer or you don’t want to waste time walking around checking rates. Pull up BestParking on your phone to see the best parking rates. You can also use the BestParking website to plan ahead before leaving home.


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While you can still buy Groupons on the web, print them out, and take them with you, the mobile app offers a better option for saving money when you’re on the move.

With the Groupon mobile app, you can see nearby restaurants and activities offering Groupon deals, buy them with your phone, and show the deal to your server or cashier. As a bonus, if you buy it right when you plan to use it, you don’t have to worry about using up the deal before it expires.

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