10 best business apps for Android

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Business applications are a difficult subject. There are various variables to consider. That might include team size, business size, how well the app scales for requests, and many other things. Some apps are great for large teams while others work better for individual businesses. Some businesses are always on the lookout for better items on the market while others prefer to build their own solutions. Native solutions complicate lists like this because companies usually already have a software suite for employees.

However, there are some great all-purpose options, and we think we’ve found them. Here are the best business apps for Android! This app works best for small or medium businesses. Larger businesses may need more customized enterprise solutions and that is an entirely different conversation.

The best business app for Android


Price: Free / $9.99 per member per month

Asana 2022 screenshot

Asana is one such business app that everyone should try. This is a task manager that allows you to assign tasks to everyone. You can add as many subsections as needed, assign tasks directly, and add comments and attachments. You can use it for free with basic features for up to 15 people or pay $9.99 per month per person for the full plan. It develops well, and should work for most small and medium teams. It also works for larger teams, but it can get quite expensive that way.


Price: Free / $4.99 per month / $49.99 per year

CamScanner is a very useful tool. It basically turns your camera into a scanner. It lets you scan documents, business cards, receipts, etc. From there, you can edit the PDF that the app creates if needed. Plus, it lets you quickly share those things with your co-workers, your HR department, or anywhere else. There’s even a fax option for a nominal fee. This is not a good one for the team. However, it is one of the outstanding individual business applications. This is especially useful for those who frequently deal with expenses, paperwork and other such things.

G Suite

Price: Free / Varies

Google Drive 2020 screenshot

Google has a fun suite of office apps under the G Suite banner. You get support for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, images, notes, and more. There’s even a team messaging service with support for text, calling, and video calling. They are all cross platform too. That means they work on your phone and computer. Having said that, it’s a great one-stop shop for all that basic office stuff. Google Drive itself is a cloud storage app that gives you 15GB for free or you can pay more. It’s also all integrated into Gmail and Google Calendar. Google has specific G Suite options for businesses. This is definitely one of the best mobile apps for business use.

Google My Business

Price: Free

Google My Business helps get your business featured on Google Search and Google Maps. That is a huge potential source for business. In 2017, they cannot be ignored. This app allows you to update facts about your business such as your opening hours, name and address. You can even manage multiple locations if needed. That makes it one of the essential business apps for small businesses, new businesses and basically any business without a web presence.

Microsoft 365 Business

Price: Free / $5-$20 per user per month

Microsoft OneDrive is one of the best business apps for android

Microsoft has a suite of apps similar to G Suite. You own brand names like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on mobile and the web. There is also a chat service with text, video and voice communication. A Business 365 subscription also gives you cloud storage on Microsoft OneDrive as well as additional tools. We also really like Office Lens. This is a dedicated scanner app for business use. Microsoft has pricing options for enterprise and business use that are separate from typical consumer goods. Drive and Microsoft Office have their pros and cons. The best depends on your needs. You can’t go wrong either.

PayPal application

Price: Free / Cost varies

PayPal 2022 screenshot

PayPal is one of the better business apps, especially for small and medium businesses. Many businesses use PayPal to manage transactions and invoices. Sometimes, it is also used to pay employees. You can set up a business account that simplifies sending and receiving money. The mobile version comes with fingerprint support, the ability to check your PayPal (and PayPal Credit balance), and more. PayPal Business is the PayPal application exclusively for business use. We recommend both.


Price: Free / $6.67-$12.50 per user per month

Slack is probably the best app of its kind. This is a special chat application for business use. It features a clean and simple interface, multiple channels, conference calling, document sharing and even a chatbot. It also includes integration with many other third-party apps and websites like Google Drive, Asana, Giphy (because having fun is important too), and many others. This one scales very well. That makes it great for small, medium, or even large businesses. It’s also a great option if you just want a chat service without more subscriptions like you do with G Suite and Microsoft 365 Business.

Square Selling Point

Price: Free / Cost varies

Square Register is one of the better business apps for entrepreneurs, small businesses and mobile businesses. It’s basically a simple point-of-sale system. It also requires a magnetic stripe reader. Square provides the basic ones for free. However, better options may cost a few dollars. Customers swipe their card and pay you money for your goods or services. There’s no prepayment, though Square takes 2.75% off every purchase. The app also lets you track inventory, send receipts, apply discounts, issue refunds and check real-time sales data. It is capable of accepting Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. The latest model also accepts chip cards and NFC payments from Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Android Pay. It runs $49 at the time of this writing.

Zoom Cloud Meetings

Price: Free / $14.99-$19.99 per month

Zoom is a video conferencing app and one of the better and more modern options. It supports up to 200 concurrent participants. The exact amount changes for each price level. The service also offers screen sharing services, presentation features, and above average connection stability. It improves well and the app is fantastic. Google Hangouts Meet is a viable option for smaller teams. GoToMeeting is another great option with more than 100 concurrent participants. Of course, the classic Cisco WebEx Meeting service is an old favorite. You can check out our list of the best video conferencing apps here for more options.

Any authenticator app

Price: Free

Two-step verification is an absolute must these days. This prevents hackers from getting to your data as easily as they used to. Moreover, it keeps your contacts, files and information more secure. There are several authenticator apps on Google Play. Google has one, Microsoft has one, and LastPass has one too. LastPass is also a great password manager for those who need something like that. Many apps, like Newton, include their own two-step authentication. However, you should enable it whenever possible. It’s just a smart idea, especially if your devices and accounts contain sensitive company data. We have a list of the best two-factor authentication apps linked in the button above.

If we missed any of the best business apps for Android, let us know in the comments. You can also click here to see our list of the latest Android apps and games.
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